Hello everyone!!! This day has come. It is the end of my Erasmus experience.

It is difficult to leave Vilnius and all those fantastic people that i met here. Erasmus was one of the best things that happened to me. It is really difficult to explain what it means to me. Usually, Erasmus is identified with partying, drinking and travelling… but there is far more about it. I will speak about my 10 months of studying abroad.

Chisinau International Airport

I will start with the beginning: Why Vilnius? 

I was looking for a university with international law subjects and i wanted a less common country – somewhere where i’ll barely go for a vacation. The life price also had an important role. Even if i knew that i would have a good scholarship, i wanted a country where the prices weren’t high. All this i found at the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius
(This photo was taken in August, as you can see the weather wasn’t too hot..)

In Lithuania, the study year begins on the 1st of September. All the Erasmus students were asked to come a week earlier, in order to have a introductory week.
I was very excited about this new experience, but it wasn’t for long time. When i arrived to the dormitory and saw the living conditions there.. i got very, very stressed.

dormitory, Vilnius

The first phrase that we heard when we complained about the conditions in the dorm was: “This is Lithuania girls, it’s not Europe”. This became our favourite phrase. When something was going wrong we repeated it. Fortunately, we managed to change this room in some days, so everything was ok.

What is Erasmus about:

It is about exchange, to get to know new cultures, to see how similar and how different we all are.

traditional dishes, Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

traditional Lithuanian dances


It is about traveling. In first 5 months of Erasmus i’ve been to 8 countries. In the second semester – to 4.

Erasmus year

Erasmus year

Erasmus is also about studying. I’m very thankful to all my teachers for the lessons we had. Usually it is considered that Erasmus people are not studying, it’s not always true. It depends in big part from the teachers you have.

And of course it is about partying and having good time!

Erasmus friends

Erasmus students

It doesn’t matter how you lived your Erasmus, for sure you will go back home a different person.

Erasmus student in Vilnius

In this period i rediscovered myself and i learned a lot of things.

I get used to live in a dormitory – something that i never thought i will have to do.

Dorm life, Vilnius

I learned to live with someone and to not keel this person. Considering that we were together 24/24 it was really difficult. I want to thank my roommate for all the time spend together. I found in you a good friend. You helped me in some unpleasant moments (when my passport was stolen in Riga for example). We shared not just our room or food, but we were helping each other in the best way we could (i hope you think the same 😀 )

Erasmus life

I learned to go to sleep or to study when my neighbours were giving a party.

I survived a very cold winter and i get used to the continuously changing weather.

Vilnius, Lithuania

I went 45 km by bike, i went kayaking, i flew with a hot air balloon.

kayaking in Vilnius, Lithuania

While studying in Vilnius, i had the chance to be a volunteer at TEDxMRU and to see Cirque de Soleil.


I’m leaving the place that for all this time i was calling home. I want to say thank you to all those people who were part of my live in this 10 months. You made this year unforgettable!

See you on Facebook! 😀

Erasmus in action, Vilnius

Best regards,


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