VilniusI think that it will be fair if my first post will be about Lithuania, the country where i’m living at the moment. I’m here since the end of August 2014.

The reason of being here is my Erasmus year. At the beginning it was supposed to be just one semester, but i fell in love with this place and i decided to stay more time.

I’m studying in Vilnius and this city has everything: new buildings, soviet type constructions, old town, parks, monuments, museums, a lot of fancy places and traditional ones, pubs, restaurants and the list can go on.

In this post i will write about the places from where you can admire the beauty of Vilnius. I will put them in order of preferences:

1. The best view point that also happens to be a free one, is from the Gedeminas Tower.

From one side you have the new buildings

and from the other – the old town of Vilnius.

Gedeminas tower

2. The Hill of Three Crosses. I will advise you to go there only if you’re lucky with a good weather as you have to pass through the park – Bernardinai Garden.

The Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses

3. The bell tower of St. Johns Church. The bell tower of the church is among the highest buildings in the Old Town. You can reach the observatory desk climbing the stairs or by a modern elevator. I will advise to use the stairs for going up, you’ll be even happier to see the view after climbing.

4. The Sky bar (Radisson Blue). From the 22nd floor you have an amazing view over the city. The prices here are a little bit more expensive than in other places in the city, but it is definitely worth it.


5. The Cathedral Bell Tower. You will see : the Gedeminas Tower, the Gedeminas prospectas, the hill of Three Crosses and a little bit of the old town. Actually, you will see everything.. but not as well as from other view points.

The Cathedral Bell Tower

6. The Swedbank terrace. You can come here whenever you want, you have free access to the terrace. 

I hope that you found it interesting, next time I will do a post with “must see” places in Vilnius.


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