I have been asked so many times, what can someone visit in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, several times when I showed some pictures of our landscapes, I have been asked where are those beauties and why people don’t know about them.

The truth is: we don’t know our country as well as we know others. When a tourist asks us for advises, we usually can’t give them any, besides Chisinau, Old Orhei or Soroca..

However, the Republic of Moldova has to offer to a tourist a lot more than good wine, friendly people and delicious food.

Anenii Noi

Moldova is the country where the nature seems almost untouched, some of its villages look like they have been stuck in the past (the sad reality for us). It is the country of the breathtaking views. Moldova has a rich culture and an interesting history.

That’s why I have challenged myself to be a tourist in my own country.

I invite you to see the Republic of Moldova through my eyes.

Anenii Noi

My first blog post is about Serpeni.

Serpeni is a village in the Anenii Noi district, 55 km from Chisinau.

You have two main reasons to visit it:

  1. The Memorial “Cap de Pod Serpeni”.

Cap de Pod Serpeni

The Memorial has an historical and national importance. It was erected in the memory of the 12 thousand soviet solders, who died during the Iasi-Chisinau operation in 1944, meant to free Chisinau of the fascist occupation. The Serpeni battle was one of the cruelest in the history of the World War II, even if it represented just a small episode of the war.

Cap de Pod Serpeni

I was surprised how clean and beautiful is the Memorial.

In the middle you’ll see the eternal fire and the two high pillars connected by a cross at the top, the cross guards the memory of the heroes. There is also a high tower bell, which reminds of the Moldavian history and respect for older generations.

Memorial Cap de Pod Serpeni



Worl War II Memorial Moldova

2. The charming view over the Dniester River.

Serpeni Dniester

Serpeni Dniester

We were lucky to have an amazing weather. It was sunny and it sprinkled from time to time, so I took some nice shots.

Sepia Dniester

The view over the Dniester River from Speia village .


Anenii Noi

There are two ways to get to Serpeni.

The first one, which I think is more picturesque, is through the road from the airport. It is slower, but you can find it more interesting thanks to the fact that you pass through the villages. You’ll have the opportunity to see people working, animals on the meadows and to stop to take some pictures.



Moldovan countryside

The second one is in the direction to the city Vadul lui Voda, on highway M -14.

Both roads are quite good.

roads in Moldova

but as you get closer to Sepia village, the road is awful (unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it).

Take time to visit Moldova, you’ll love it!! <3

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