When you think about good wine, first locations that come to mind are the Bordeaux region in France or the south of Italy, but today I would like to tell you about a place off the beaten path of the wine tourist. I may not be objective, as I will be talking about a place in my home country, the Republic of Moldova, but hear me out: YOU WILL NOT REGRET if you check out the Purcari Winery.


Once, the Republic of Moldova was known as the ex-USSR’s best wine production region and we even had wine therapy: people with anemia or other vitamin and iron deficiency related diseases, would go to doctors to drink wine as an official treatment, who would mind that?!

The Purcari winery is the oldest winery in my country. It was founded in 1827, by an ambitious German called Harmisone. The way it looks now is due to the renovation that took place in 2004.

The Purcari Winery has a very specific micro-climate: winters are milder and summers are more moist thanks to the closeness to the river Nistru, also they have 250 hectares of perfect soil for harvesting exceptionally good grapes.

The wine is prepared following the classic technology:


Malbec grape.



 chemical and microbiological sectors.

Every year Purcari produces one million bottles of wine.

Purcari, wine cellars

There are some bottles kept from 1827.

Not long after the foundation of the Winary, it had its’ glory moment, in 1878, at the World Expo in Paris the wine “Negru de Purcari” won the gold medal against wines like the Bordeaux.

Purcari wine tasting

Centuries later the same wine is still produced in limited quantities and connaisseurs say that it has changed very little since then.  

It is said that the taste comes from the handpicked and sorted grapes, but, also, because it has in the “coupage” the locally grown grapes “Rara Neagra” (Black rare) which makes it so distinctive.

The hills surrounding it are picturesque and leave you in a quiet state of lazy XVIII century mood.

Purcari winery

Also, believe me, their other wines are worth a try, my personal favorites are: Pinot Grigio de Purcari and of course Negru de Purcari.

To really taste the wine, you have to go to one of the tasting halls and have a professional guide you through the stages that make the wine come as honey to your lips.


If you are not convinced yet, I will add that you can stay at the mansion to enjoy the nature for as long as you want and chug on a fine wine for a very low price.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but they say that the Queen of Great Britain is a fan of Negru de Purcari and has a case delivered yearly. The legend says that it is the preferred wine on the royal Christmas table.

So, I invite you to enjoy the Purcari Winery, a real hidden gem of Eastern Europe!

P.S. Here’s a nice touching advertising campaign made by Purcari when they reached the Norvegian market.

“Articol scris în cadrul proiectului Descoperă Moldova – Drumul Vinului 2015, organizat de către Oficiul Național al Viei și Vinului (ONVV), în parteneriat cu ANTRIMSIXT Rent a Car Moldova, susținut de Hotel OlsiChateau VartelyPurcariCricovaAsconi WineryMimiGitana WineryPerna MeaAgro pensiunea Butuceni și găzduit de către Orheianca.eu.”

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