I have been asked so many times, what can someone visit in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, several times when I showed some pictures of our landscapes, I have been asked where are those beauties and why people don’t know about them.

The truth is: we don’t know our country as well as we know others. When a tourist asks us for advises, we usually can’t give them any, besides Chisinau, Old Orhei or Soroca..

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a week since my return home. 

One week can turn in an active, stressful, full of breathtaking views, delicious food, friendly talks and unforgettable time!  In 8 days, I have visited 7 cities, I traveled twice by plane, I changed 6 buses and 3 blabla cars (I will speak about that later). I spent good time with 3 of my old and good friends in 3 different countries and all 3 of them are Cristina. Funny, no?

Here is the 365 day of the year…

Some of us spend this day to walk through the year and draw up a list of work to be done. Others use it to make a list in order to review the year. Usually I’m doing this list in my mind and I’m rarely sharing it with people, but this year I decided to share it with you.

Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.

Sinclair Lewis.

Winter is a magical season of the year, when regardless to the age, we all feel like kids again. It is the “family time” season. It is the period for comfort, for good food, hot beverages, friendly talks, big companies gathered around the table and reconnect with each other. It is the ideal time to seat at home with a festive christmas cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows in it and watch cartoons or read a good book. It is the fall when all the kids from the neighbourhood are playing together, making snowman and riding a sledge.

Unfortunately, this year we don’t have snow. So my spirit of holidays didn’t show up. Yesterday, I couldn’t realise that it was already Christmas. The lack of snow brought me the feeling of loneliness. Year after year, I was waiting for the snow to show up. As matter of fact, I was thinking that we were friends… This year, honestly looks like Grinch, finally, stole Christmas.

Azerbaijan.. I heard so much about this country, about its people, about its culture. I didn’t know what should I believe and what not. That is why I’m truly happy to be able to discover this country. Moreover, I had the chance to judge on the country not based on its capital, that sometimes doesn’t shows the real spirit of the country.

Ganja is the second large city in Azerbaijan. It is constantly changing, leaving behind its dull Soviet past. According to medieval Arabic sources, the city of Ganja was founded in 859-60 and during its live changed several empires. It didn’t have an easy life. It was destroyed and rebuild more times. You can feel in the air the history of the city, the changes that happened in it.

As winter is nearing, I would like to tell you about Lapland. I think it is one of the most wanted trips for children, but not only… If you will visit it during the cold season, you will definitely spend the best winter holidays in your life. Exactly one year ago, I was leaving for one of the coolest, most fascinating and unbelievable trip: the trip to the North Pole!

Hello everyone,

Even if I’m not visiting the wineries anymore, I will continue to spam you about the good wines that we have and I will try to “force” you to come to Moldova. In the last day of the “Drumul Vinului” (Wine Road) project we visited Cricova. It is in the town with the same name, 15 km from Chisinau. As the roads are good and you don’t lose to much time on the way, you have no excuse not to visit it!