Here is the 365 day of the year…

Some of us spend this day to walk through the year and draw up a list of work to be done. Others use it to make a list in order to review the year. Usually I’m doing this list in my mind and I’m rarely sharing it with people, but this year I decided to share it with you.

“The attraction of New Year is this: the year changes and in that change we believe that we can change with it. It is far more difficult however to change yourself than turn the calendar to a new page. We are creatures of faith, like it or not.” – R. Joseph Hoffmann

I can’t say that 2015 was a completely different year.. No, it was the logic continuation of 2014. On the other hand, I believe that 2016 will be full of changes, by the way some of them already took place in 2015.

So lets take it from the beginning:

I met 2015 in the dorm, in Vilnius. It was a las minute decision. Outside was too cold and foggy, so we decided to stay at home. We had a table full of food (from the supermarket, as in 2014 we didn’t cook in the dorm). The funny thing is that we almost forgot about the New Year celebration, because we were discussing something very “important”. So the New Year found us somewhere between the 2nd and the 3rd floor, running outside to see the fireworks.

New Year's Eve

2015 had its ups and downs (more ups of course). It was the year of family time, making new friend and trying to keep the old ones, traveling, having parties all night long, drinking good wine and simply having fun.

Family. To be completely sincere, I’m not a family kind of person. Despite that, I love my family and I want to spend a lot of time with them, but we aren’t used to that. We spent too much time apart and we needed to reconnect with each other. This year was about that. We became closer and more understandable to each other. We still have a lot to work on that, but we are far away from where we started.


Friends. I found a lot of new friends this year, the discovery of the year I would say was Olha. I remember us in the first days of our Erasmus, when we were acting like completely strangers (I think even with some strangers we were closer than to each other). But a year of living together made us very close. We were sharing everything and it was really difficult to get used to leave without her around.

Erasmus friendship

I’m grateful to people with whom we didn’t lost contact despite the distance, that supported me and were near me when I needed them. Friends that were home when I was coming and friends that came to visit me. This year I met so many interesting people, from all over the world.

Erasmus friends

international team

Parties. Well, I was an Erasmus student and you will say that it is normal that I was partying. The truth is that I started to go to the parties only at the end of Erasmus, and I still can count them on the fingers of one hand.

Travels. I traveled a lot this year, or at least I think so. Almost all my trips were a last minute thing, or a “why not” decision. I discovered new places and visited old ones, thanks to which I relived the emotions and memories that I thought was lost in the past.

I have lived in the cold and full of snow (even on the 5th of March) Lithuania


climbed the Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains

visited the beautiful Oslo with its viking ships in every museum

Oslo, Norway

had my first sunbath of the year in NiceNice, France

went back to my second hometown – Trani


lived for one month in the always hot and sunny Bali

Goa Gajah

had a 14 km hiking in the Caucasus Mountains


and spent a week in Bucharest

Wine. Well, the wine, the good one was always my thing. I think this love is in my DNA. Though, thanks to the project Road of Wine I discovered new things. I had the chance to visit our wineries and what is even more important, is that I had the opportunity not only to try the wine, but also to see how they are making it. You can find more information about some of our best wineries on my blog.

Wine of Moldova


The competition. This is one of the things that makes me proud of myself. It showed me that I am going in the right direction, that I actually love this area of law and made me think to continue it. I’m not saying that I was perfectly prepared, not at all. But I feel that I was prepared quite good. We took the second place and it was the first time when a team from the Republic of Moldova qualified into finals.


What else?!

I was part of the history, or at least I felt it this way. On the first January 2015, Lithuania started to use euros. I was one of those who stayed in line at the bank in order to change my last litas into euros. It felt like I was part of a country’s big change.

Had my first fly on an air balloon.

air baloon fly

I managed to do a video involving a part of students from my year from the law faculty (it’s not a big thing… but for me it was quite an accomplishment)


I felt in love with burghers.. and I almost became a burgher 😀 It’s not a good thing. All my childhood, I was hating them.. and now?!

Maybe the most visual change is that I cut my hair. Every single person that I met told me that I was brave to do it.. I will tell you a secret, I was always afraid of cutting my hair. Nonetheless, we should look straight into the eyes of our fears and face it. So did I.

curly hair

This is all about my 2015. I wish to all of you to have a Great New Year’s Eve and enter with the right foot in the new 2016 and have a happy, prosperous, joyful year, full of realizations.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 (366 this year) page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley.

P.S. Remember that despite the fact that a new year is a new start, nothing changes by itself.

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