Here is the 365 day of the year…

Some of us spend this day to walk through the year and draw up a list of work to be done. Others use it to make a list in order to review the year. Usually I’m doing this list in my mind and I’m rarely sharing it with people, but this year I decided to share it with you.

Azerbaijan.. I heard so much about this country, about its people, about its culture. I didn’t know what should I believe and what not. That is why I’m truly happy to be able to discover this country. Moreover, I had the chance to judge on the country not based on its capital, that sometimes doesn’t shows the real spirit of the country.

Ganja is the second large city in Azerbaijan. It is constantly changing, leaving behind its dull Soviet past. According to medieval Arabic sources, the city of Ganja was founded in 859-60 and during its live changed several empires. It didn’t have an easy life. It was destroyed and rebuild more times. You can feel in the air the history of the city, the changes that happened in it.